coltrane is a content site framework that harnesses the power of Django without the hassle. It can be used to generate a static site for easy serving of HTML files or as an opinionated Django package to render markdown.

⭐ Features

  • Can either generate a static HTML site, be deployed as a standalone Django site, or integrated into an existing Django site

  • Reads markdown content and renders it in HTML

  • Can use data from JSON files in templates and markdown content

  • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml and rss.xml files

  • Can also serve non-markdown files like robots.txt

  • Live re-rendering of markdown and data when markdown or JSON data files are saved with the magic of

  • All the power of Django templates, template tags, and filters inside markdown files

  • Can include other Django apps for additional functionality

  • Custom Template tags are supported and are enabled automatically for use in markdown content

  • Opinionated standalone Django project setup where deployment (including static files) just works “out of the box”


Because coltrane can be used in a few different ways, the documentation is split into different sections.

Optional installation

  • Enable watchman for less resource-intensive autoreload on MacOS: brew install watchman

What’s with the name?

coltrane is built on top of the Django web framework, which is named after Django Reinhardt. Following in that tradition, I named this static site framework after John Coltrane, another jazz musician.

Inspiration and thanks


Minimal Django projects