coltrane is a content site framework that harnesses the power of Django without the hassle. It can be used to generate a static site for easy serving of HTML files or as an opinionated Django package to render markdown.


  • Can either generate static HTML, be used as a standalone Django site, or integrated into an existing Django site

  • Can use data from JSON files in templates and content

  • All the power of Django templates, template tags, and filters

  • Renders markdown files automatically (for a dynamic site)

  • Can include other Django apps

Still a little experimental. ;)


Because coltrane can be used in a few different ways, the documentation is split into different pieces depending on the desired outcome.

What’s with the name?

coltrane is built on top of the Django web framework, which is named after Django Reinhardt. Following in that tradition, I named this static site framework after John Coltrane, another jazz musician.

Inspiration and thanks


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