Static Files

Django has a process for handling static files (i.e. files like CSS, SASS, JavaScript, images) already which coltrane leverages as part of the record CLI command. The collectstatic management command is used to copy all static files from different Django apps to the output/static directory.

Referring to static assets

Instead of hardcoding the URL path to static assets, the static templatetag is always available in either markdown files or templates.


Using the static template tag might feel unnecessary for simpler sites, but it will automatically use the hashed file name that whitenoise provides for efficient serving and caching of static files.


![music note]({% static 'images/music-note.svg' %})

Generated index.html

<img src="/static/images/music-note.abcd123.svg" />


<link src="{% static 'css/styles.css' %}" />

Generated HTML

<link src="/static/css/styles.wxyz789.css" />