Django provides a built-in way to create a sitemap.xml for search engines to find content on your site. Coltrane automatically creates a sitemap.xml when building a static site and has a URL route for it for a standalone site. However, for integrated sites, you will need to configure the sitemap to use Coltrane to build the file.

Integrated mode installation

  1. Add "django.contrib.sitemaps", to INSTALLED_APPS in the settings file

  2. Make sure your TEMPLATES setting contains a DjangoTemplates backend whose APP_DIRS options is set to True.

  3. Add the following to

from django.contrib.sitemaps.views import sitemap
from coltrane.sitemaps import ContentSitemap

# Make sure that the protocol is https
ContentSitemap.protocol = "https"

sitemaps = {
    "content": ContentSitemap,

urlpatterns = [
    # other URL paths here
        {"sitemaps": sitemaps},
    # other URL paths here

More details are in the Django documentation for sitemaps. Although, note that the sites framework is not a hard requirement for the sites.xml file to be created.